Today is National Loyalty Day!

I am loyal to exclamation points, so I am going to use them so much in this post!

Okay, so loyalty is pretty much my favorite virtue, and since I am a Leo, it is in all of the blood in my body. I am so loyal to the things I choose to love that I have literally gotten into legitimate fights with people who say mean things about people like Justin Bieber, a person I do not actually know, but a person I have chosen to love, which means I will love him forever.

I had a crush on Ricky Martin, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bow Wow growing up. I still like those people, and in fact, the DiCaprio loyalty is severe: I have literally stopped talking to people who don’t like him because I am so passionate about his talent. (Martin and Bow, not so much.)

I am the most loyal friend one can have. I told a man off in a bar not so long ago for something he did to my best friend five years ago, and my best friend isn’t even my friend anymore, yet I am still loyal to her. I don’t even want to be, I just can’t help it!

I once almost beat up a girl in a gas station for something her brother almost did to my brother.

I don’t listen to the Backstreet Boys because I am loyal to N’Sync, a group that hasn’t existed for years.

I don’t watch Finding Nemo because it was the first animated film to break The Lion King‘s box office record. 

I refused to see The Dark Knight in the movie theater because there were rumors that it might make more money than Titanic.

I still don’t watch movies with Helen Hunt in them because Kate Winslet should have won Best Actress in 1997.

I still have my “John Kerry” campaign stickers to put on the next car I may or may not own.

I stopped watching American Idol in season 5 because Jennifer Hudson got kicked off and I was loyal to her.

But seriously being loyal is really important because it sets your moral standards, and it proves that you are a good friend, lover, wife, husband, daughter, son, sister, brother, employee, or whatever else you call yourself.

I think I have gotten crazy enough with the things I am loyal to, so how about you tell me about yourselves now? Let me hear your loyalties roar, guys!

Featured image via worldofperrin