Today in things we did not know: Fruit Punch Peeps exist

Even though half of the country is buried under snow right now, spring is inching closer and closer. We swear! If you don’t believe us, then we have proof that might sway you. Everyone’s favorite squishy spring candy has hit the shelves. That’s right, Peeps are back and what’s more — Fruit Punch Peeps are a thing.

According to the self-proclaimed “Junk Food Guy,” Eric Huang, Fruit Punch Peeps have been around since February of 2016, but they’re supposedly back for the Easter season. On his food blog, Huang reviews the tasty little critters and tells his readers that the fruit punch flavor is “SPOT ON.”

Huang’s Instagram pic of the Peeps is garnering a mixed bag of reactions from his followers.




But if you’re a Peep lover and can get your hands on a package of Fruit Punch Peeps, Huang says you definitely have to try them out.

"When I opened the package," Huang writes in his review, "the aroma of fruit punch PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE. Pun intended. The sweet and almost acridly sharp fruit punch smell was unmistakeable, and wafted and permeated my soul."

Huang says that he found the Fruit Punch beauts in the Easter candy display at his local Harris Teeter in Maryland. We recommend you check your own local supermarkets for Fruit Punch Peeps before trying to buy online.

The Peeps official website is not currently offering Fruit Punch Peeps and the only Amazon listing we found for these guys includes an expiration date of 12/2016. These two facts make us wonder if the Fruit Punch Peeps on the shelves this season are simply those left over from last year. Eeeek.

If you’re concerned about consuming expired Peeps be sure to check the expiration dates on the back of the packaging. Although, do Peeps ever really expire? Maybe they’re similar to Twinkies in the fact that they can withstand an apocalypse and still taste great.

Nevertheless, Peep fans can agree that Fruit Punch Peeps seem like a pretty groovy idea. If you’re willing to give them a try, Huang says the flavor will not disappoint.

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