Kendall Jenner is freeing her nipples and doesn’t care what you think — girl YASS

In a recent blog post, Kendall Jenner came forward to talk about her nipples, and why she wishes people would just move on from the fact that they’re sometimes visible in her ~trendy~ outfits.

It’s something many women have spoken out about. Despite the fact that nipples aren’t a gendered or sexual thing, but are instead yet another body part, women continue to be penalized for refusing to hide their nipples. From breastfeeding mothers to our fave celebs (remember that time Adele got so real about the issue?), the backlash is *so* real when it comes to freeing the nipple.


In the post, the iconic star got real about her desire to desexualize her boobs and just have them be, well, free.

Kendall Jenner said “I really don’t see what the big deal is with going braless!”

Regarding visible nipples, the model wrote, “I think it’s cool and I really just don’t care!” And, well, she has a point. They’re her boobs, and ultimately it’s her decision to show her nipples or cover them up.

In short? Jenner wants you to stop freaking out about her nipples, because she’s not hiding them any time soon. Why? She says, “It’s comfortable and I’m cool with my breasts.”

We’re totally on board with body positivity and the increasing societal recognition that boobs are just another body part, and they aren’t, in fact, inherently sexual; they’re just boobs. If it’s more comfortable for you to go braless, who are we to stop you?

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