Today in FINALLY: Facebook supports GIFs!!!

We all know that feeling: You’re chatting on Facebook and have the perfect reaction GIF to respond with, but alas, it just shows up funky, or as a single image. So you have to just post the link and hope that people will be invested enough in the conversation to click it. It’s a hard life, guys.

And that’s why we were SUPER excited when we heard about Facebook’s decision to support GIFs! And no, it’s not like that weird thing they did two years ago where they *sort of* let you use Flash-versions of GIFs. Here’s what you need to know: just copy and paste the link, and Facebook will do all the fancy embedding stuff for you.

That being said, if you’re one of those people who has a catalog of reaction GIFs saved to your computer, sorry, you’re going to have to add a step to your GIF-posting routine. It has to be hosted elsewhere — that is, you have to find the link of the GIF online, like on Imgur. Before, we HAD to use Giphy’s catalog, but not anymore! Huzzah! (Just make sure to delete the link in the bar above so it looks nice and clean, folks.)

One strange thing: your GIFs won’t just automatically play as you scroll past them; you have to actually click on them (like for Twitter on a desktop computer). As the Daily Dot notes, that’s kind of weird for Facebook to do, since “[Facebook] has no qualms with letting its advertisers’ videos and other embedded clips automatically play as a user scrolls past them.”

Another important note: Pages for businesses and publishers don’t have access to these features yet; it’s only for personal use as of now.

But hey, we’re not complaining. . . we’re just happy that Facebook has finally got with the times. We can’t wait to see our new and improved newsfeeds chock-full of all the best GIFs ever. Gather all your faves and start posting!

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