“This Is Us” is 100% planning to kill off another major character, and could you NOT

This Is Us giveth, and This Is Us taketh away. The show first gave us the near-perfect Jack Pearson, perfectly played by Milo Ventimiglia. And then This Is Us killed him off, and honestly, how dare you.

Now, This Is Us has given us near-perfect boyfriend-turned-fiancé-and-now-husband Toby…and oh no, it really looks like This Is Us is going to kill him, too. There are some pretty major spoilers ahead, so turn back if you haven’t yet watched the season finale, “The Wedding.”

Let’s cut right to the chase, and skip the fact that Kate’s wedding to Toby actually went off without a hitch. While there was fear that one of them would leave the other waiting at the end of the aisle, these two crazy love birds did it. They got married. At the reception, Kevin gives a nice wedding toast. And then Randall gives a nice wedding toast…which ends with him musing about the fact that none of them can predict the future and anything could happen.

This speech was intercut with quick moments from the future, showing Kevin and a new lady (hello, Zoe!) and Kate and Toby…with Toby bedridden. Kate walks into their bedroom, where Toby is curled up in the covers, clearly suffering from some sort of sickness. Kate sits down on the bed and says that she just got off the phone with his doctors, and his meds are going to change.

On one hand, Toby could just be sick with something like a bad cold. Or This Is Us just gave Toby cancer because the show isn’t done ripping our hearts out. You see, a while ago TVLine posted a blind item that explained:

“An extremely popular broadcast drama that’s been on the air for less than three seasons is eyeing a season-ending plot that would find a pivotal character being diagnosed with terminal cancer.”

At first, many thought it was Beth. And then This Is Us promised it wasn’t Beth (suuuuuuuuure). Now, it really looks like this blind item could be about Toby, which means that Kate has already watched her father pass away, and now has to watch her husband pass away.

This Is Us returns in the fall, and that should give all of us plenty of time to emotionally prepare for the heartbreak of Season 3.

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