To All the Boys 3 is definitely coming—here’s what we know so far

You don’t have to be a high school teen to fall in love with Lara Jean Covey and her cute but clumsy love story. After Netflix brought us To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, the first film in the series based on the books by Jenny Han, we were immediately eager for so much more. Thankfully, the streaming platform delivered and brought us the sequel which was both perfect for Valentine’s Day viewing and a great excuse to, yet again, rewatch the first film. P.S. I Still Love You kept all of the first movie’s charm with a few new twists. So now, naturally, we can’t wait for the third To All the Boys installment, which BTW is definitely happening.

In the first sequel, Lara Jean is navigating her first relationship and all the unknowns that come with it. Though much of the plot follows the Team Peter Kavinsky vs. Team John Ambrose McLaren decision, P.S. I Still Love You is also about how Lara Jean is learning to love and be true to herself, trust her feelings, and follow her heart. And it seems like To All the Boys 3 will give us even more of a focus on Lara Jean’s growth, so naturally, we can’t wait.

Here’s everything we know so far.

What’s the title of To All The Boys 3?

The third film in the lovey-Covey franchise is already listed on Netflix as To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean, which matches the title of Han’s third book. As the, but it seems like we’ll be getting to know our beloved protagonist even better. Lana Condor, who plays Lara Jean, told ET a bit more about how her character will develop in the third film.

"I think she really starts to make decisions for herself that might be unpopular but I think at the end of the day, as a young woman, you have to protect your own heart and make the decisions that are truly right for you regardless of the other people around you," Condor said. "Lara Jean loves love and she loves the guys, but at the end of the day, I know that she's good on her own as well. We'll see. It's very satisfying, like, 'Yes, girl! Get your life!'"

What will To All The Boys 3 be about?

Because the sequel was wrapped up pretty neatly, we don’t know for sure what this film will focus on, but we can turn to the books for information. In the book Always and Forever, Lara Jean, decisions about college will be a big part of the characters’ lives, and Lara Jean will have to figure out what that means for her relationship. In her interview with ET, Condor said this film is “definitely the most mature movie” of the franchise, adding that it tackles more real-life issues.

When is the To All The Boys 3 release date?

The filming for To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean has been wrapped, but we still don’t have an official release date yet. Some fans of the books speculate that the third film may be out in the fall of 2020, since the third novel is set at the beginning of the characters’ senior year.

Which stars are returning for Always and Forever, Lara Jean?

Condor and Noah Centineo are a given, but who else will be joining them? Though Lara Jean’s older sister Margot didn’t have a big role in the sequel, Janel Parrish assured ET that her character will have a much bigger part in the third film. We can also expect to see the relationship between the Covey sisters’ father (John Corbett) and their neighbor Trina Rothschild (Sarayu Blue) develop. But, we know what everyone is really wondering about: Will Jordan Fisher return as John Ambrose? To that, all we have is Fisher’s strategically vague answer to ET, “Possibly, I mean, we’ll have to see.”

We’ll keep you posted as more information about To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean is revealed. We cannot wait.

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