TLC still has a “no scrubs” policy — and no, they don’t want your number

Let’s just go ahead and say it. “No Scrubs” is THE anthem for any hardworking woman who is sick and tired of being cat-called, hit on, and loved on by someone who is not worthy of her #QUEEN status. 18 years after the TLC track was released, we’re still jamming to it as a reminder of the fierce females we are.

Although it’s been nearly two decades since this bop was released, we’re still curious if the band’s ~no scrubs~ policy has become more lenient. Thankfully, we got our answer, when comedian Paul F. Tompkins asked the question on everyone’s mind — on Twitter, of course.

The best-selling American girl group of all time snapped back with a resound “hell no” after Paul asked if they’d relaxed their policy, and we are living for it.

Sorry, but if you’re a scrub, you still can’t get no love from TLC.

They still don’t want your number and they don’t wanna give you theirs.

We love that the band has a sense of humor. Like the fact that they called out Zach Braff, who had tweeted about being pissed that yes, TLC still has their no scrubs bar set — and set high.

It may be nearly 20 years old, but “No Scrubs” is still our anthem. This summer, we’ll be riding with our windows down, music loud, singing to the universe about how we still don’t want no scrubs. And we’ll be waiting patiently for TLC’s next album as we do it.

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