8 things we want to see on Chris Pratt’s new Snapchat

April 2nd was just an ordinary day on Twitter (or so we thought). No crazy April fools tweets to worry about. No Kanye randomness. Then with just about an hour left of the day, Chris Pratt tweeted an announcement that he’d joined Snapchat. Two words: Game changer.

Follow if we please?? Oh, yes. WE PLEASE.

Chris Pratt is already one of our favorite people on social media. Probably because he’s also one of our favorite people on planet earth.


Oh but we do, Chris Pratt. We totally do.

Our favorite raptor-tamer of all time hasn’t Snapchatted anything yet, but we’re ready and waiting. And in case he needs a little inspiration, there are a few things we definitely want to see. Such as…

Chris Pratt braiding his wife’s hair

Yeah. He does this, as evidenced by several pics on Instagram, like the one below which he captioned, “This is a weird thing to brag about but I did that glorious french braid.” 

We need to see this happening in action. If we can’t get a Chris Pratt YouTube French braid tutorial, a Snapchat will do just fine. 

Chris Pratt dancing

Because this.




And this.


Chris Pratt frolicking with goats

Because his Insta has several random pics like the one below and we need to know why.

Chris Pratt swinging an axe

Or a shovel. Or a machete. Basically Chris Pratt doing any kind of intensive physical labor. Because this will never bore us: 

Some #LegoOwen live action clips

Pratt has posted a few (totally adorable) staged photos on Insta featuring #LegoOwen, the Lego version of his Jurassic World character. We need a Snap video. Like now.

Chris Pratt being a family man

His husband game is strong (see above reference to hair-braiding). So is his dad game. Chris Pratt’s family is completely adorable, and we’d love to see more of them.

Chris Pratt taming some dinosaurs

Because we simply can’t wait until the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise to see this again.


Behind the scenes secrets from Guardians of the Galaxy

Because this alone (while awesome) just isn’t cutting it.

So get on it, Chris Pratt. We’re so ready.

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