10 things that people who are obsessed with Halloween will never apologize for

Ah, Halloween. The happiest yet spookiest day of the year. Whether you’re a child, teenager, or grown adult, you need to make no apologies for having fun on Halloween. After all, what’s wrong with eating tons of candy while you’re dressed in costume and Hocus Pocus is playing in the background? Absolutely nothing.

For a lot of us, Halloween is a fun night where we can release some steam and enjoy feeling like a kid again. Sure, going to haunted houses and getting scared silly is tons of fun, but Halloween is also a great time to reconnect with friends and just enjoy a mini-vacation from our regular day-to-day stresses. Because come on: Who can really talk about work when you’re dressed as a hot dog? No one.

Here are some of our favorite things about Halloween you never have to apologize for loving:

1. Eating candy until you feel sick to your stomach 2. Begging your best friend and/or partner to trade you their very best candy 3. Planning your costume months in advance 4. Creating multiple Halloween party playlists so you're ready no matter what vibe the night takes 5. Practicing your face painting skills on all of your roommates 6. Making dinner on Halloween look like guts and brains (but you know it's really pasta, come on everybody) 7. Passing out after a major sugar rush 8. Staying up until 3 AM to watch reruns of your favorite Halloween kid's movies like the Charlie Brown Halloween special and Hocus Pocus 9. Turning your kitchen table into a mini pumpkin patch because you cannot stop decorating them 10. Making your friends group go on at least one haunted house tour so you can scream to your heart's delight


Happy Halloween, everybody!