22 teeny, tiny tattoos you’ll want to sneak onto your body immediately

Something about summer makes us crave a little body art. And by little, we really do mean little. Like, all the best tiny tattoos imaginable! While we have major love for sleeves and other larger tattoos, it’s always fun to get something small to commemorate a big life moment, or just remind yourself of teeny, beautiful things.

In honor of the little things, we’ve rounded up some of our absolute favorite tiny tattoos to help you when you head to the shop, or visit your *very* talented (and safe! and clean!) stick-n-poke pal. From cute to edgy to barely there, these are some of the most gorgeous designs meant to inspire your tattoo-dreams and get your creativity rollin’ right along.

1. This soft script

So chic.

2. This sweet ode to equality

So much #PRIDE.

3. These nautical designs

Because we can’t always be by the beach, but we can pretend.

4. This gentle tree

For the nature-lovers.

5. This barely-there creature

Hello, friend.

6. This soft seahorse

Nothing cuter.

7. This floral surprise

Can’t go wrong with a good floral tattoo!

8. This teensy scene

So tiny, and so pretty.

9. This simple shape

It’s so impossibly clean.

10. This rad instrument

A little bit of retro for your body art.

11. This delicate wave

Even grandma will like this one. Or not notice. Either way.

12. This adorable pupper

And we’d obviously get a corresponding kitty.

13. These matching mugs

For you and your coffee (or tea!) loving squad.

14. This feminist piece

Girl power forever and always.

15. This edgy skull

Because who doesn’t wanna be a lil’ scary?

16. These fun ferns

Nothing edgier than sandals year round and plants on your feet.

17. This cat pal

Just what we were looking for to celebrate our cat lady dreams.

18. This tiny cutie

It’s. So. Tiny.

19. This sweet duo

Love, love, love.

20. These subtle wildflowers

It doesn’t get any prettier than wildflowers ON YOUR BODY.

21. This flawless constellation

Carry a bit of space wherever you go.

22. This delicate finger art

Stylish as heck.

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