7 little ways you can love yourself on days when the world is terrifying

Now more than ever, we find value in these little ways you can love yourself. Today may not be the best of days for many of us. That’s okay. We can own it and recognize it, be angry and hopeful at the same time. Hope doesn’t mean you think everything is fine or dandy, or that you’re ignoring the many Bad Things in the world. But it can be a huge motivating force, and one that propels you to continue existing even when things are hard AF. That’s why self care is *so* important.

What are some of our fave little ways you can love yourself?

1Let yourself be upset.

Being upset doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to be happy 24/7, especially when the world feels pretty terrible. Let go, and let yourself feel how you feel. Beating yourself doesn’t help!

2Take a pause.

Ignore your texts. Turn off your computer. Allow yourself a few hours to just RELAX, free of responsibilities and stress, the best you can.

3Then, get to work.

Whether this means getting out and marching, volunteering, checking in on a friend, or donating money, turning your stress and anxiety into action can be super helpful.

4Tune in.

If the most stressful part of all of this is not really understanding what’s going on, what better time to get yourself educated than now? Go to the library. Read up on a variety of topics. Coming to understand the basics of how the world around you works can be really empowering.

5Ask for help.

If you just can’t take it, ask for help. There is zero shame in it! Call your friend, call your mom, call a hotline. Everyone needs a little (or a lot) of help sometime.

6Cuddle up.

Curl up in bed with your dog, or your cat, or you best friends, or your significant other. Get warmth and love via touch. It can really do a lot of work, and it’s pretty darn cozy, too.

7Find a practice that soothes you.

Do you like yoga? Baths? Deep breaths? Lifting weights? Turn it into a regular practice. Devote some time every week, or every day, to your practice.

We hope these little ways you can love yourself help you out, at least a little bit. You deserve the love.

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