14 gorgeous blackwork tattoos that’ll have you ready to abandon color forever

Sometimes we like our tattoos as colorful as possible, but other times we want our tattoos, like our clothes, to match our dark, black-loving souls. Because, yes, we wear all black 24/7, even in the summer, and we DGAF. Luckily, we’re in the height of ~magical goodness~ when it comes to blackwork tattoos, and these stunning beauties are proof.

Here are some of our fave blackwork tattoos:

1. This beautiful shell

A stunning ode to the sea.

2. This little monkey

SO cute!

3. This origami unicorn

Such a unique idea.

4. This beautiful creature


Absolutely lovely.

5. This soft rose

Because floral is always a go-to.

6. This unique blackwork tattoo

So, so interesting.

7. These perf sunflowers

We’re *major* fans.

8. This simple plant

Because nothing is better than plants.

9. This eerie piece


Because a little ~creepy~ is always a good thing.

10. This sketch


Artsy AF.

11. This thistle

Simple, and stunning.

12. This illustration


Perfect for your all black style.

13. This Athena


Totally killer.

14. These peonies

A sweet bouquet.

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