13 gifts for the mom who’s super hard to shop for


With Mother’s Day fast-approaching (May 8th, FYI), we’ve been thinking long and hard about what we want to gift all the moms and mother figures in our lives. Though we do have a lot of ideas, it can be hard to pick the perfect present, to select the gift that will make your mom feel all the love in the world.  I mean, that’s a lot of pressure.

To help separate stress and Mother’s Day shopping, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that we’re sure any mom would love. Some are simple, others are a bit more extravagant, but all of them are thoughtful. These are our fave selections…

1. Cor Pendant Rose Gold Circle Pendant ($125)


This piece of modern aromatherapy jewelry contains essential oils for all those moms who want to feel good vibes on-the-go.

2. Miauhau Super Chunky Blanket ($42.83)


Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this GIANT knit blanket?

3. Shop3xu “I love you mom” Matchbox Card ($6.50+)


A unique card containing a mini bouquet. This is the definition of adorable.

4. Alicja Confections Handmade Artisan Chocolate “Classics” ($20.24)


These chocolates sound delicious and double as works of edible art.

5. Kathrynselbert Custom Family Portrait (~$100)


A memory that will literally last a lifetime.

6. Cottage Botanical Farm Organic Tea Gift Box ($36.44+)


A super fun treat for any tea lovers out there. Plus, it comes with a bag and a strainer!

7. Source Succulents Succulent Terrarium Duo ($26.99)


If your mom has a green thumb, why not present her with some space-brightening plant life?

8. Avonnie Studio I Love You Mug ($22)


It’s. So. Heartwarming.

9. Coco and Bubbles Day at the Spa Natural Soy Candle ($18.50)


Can’t afford to send your mom to the spa? We have a feeling that this candle is just as lovely.

10. Urban Soapsmith Octopus’s Garden Soap ($6.50)


Aside from the fact that this product is super useful, it also comes with an awesome name (and a seemingly delightful scent).

11. Fat and the Moon Dream Weaver Mist ($12)


For all those kids who want their moms to have the sweetest of dreams.

12. Heyjuneshop Tiny Druzy Pendant Necklace ($26)


A dainty piece of jewelry that will look great on every mom out there. It also comes in different colors!

13. A bouquet of flowers from a local shop!


When all else fails, go with a classic: happiness-inducing flowers.

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