15 circle tattoos that will become the most magical spot on your body

We have to admit that our obsession with tattoos is a never-ending thing, because *nothing* is cooler than a permanent accessory in the form of super beautiful, super unique body art. For those among us who like a simple, clean, tattoo, though, tattoos with a clean border are for sure the way to go. So when we came across these KILLER circle tattoos, we were immediately like, heart-eyes on 100,000,000. Because, seriously, these are so, so good.

Meet Eva Galipdede, a tattoo artist based in Galata, Istanbul.


Eva creates just the work that you need to add a bit of art to your body. Between her adorable woodland creatures to her absolutely stunning scenes of the ~world beyond our laptops~ we *cannot* get enough. With her clean, clean lines and penchant for everything tiny (and talent for making it happen!), she’s the artist of our circle tattoo dreams.

Here are a few of our faves.

1. This Amy Winehouse tribute

RIP, Amy.

2. The *coolest* white rabbit

A great nod to childhood curiosity.

3. This unique Salvador Dali painting

For art lovers all over.

4. This cosmic crow


Loving that backdrop.

5. This artful castle by Christian Schloe

We just love this one.

6. This impressive scene


Makes us want to explore!

7. This killer miniature


Seriously, does it get any more impressive than this?

8. This sweet fox


This is so, *so* cute.

9. This eery world

Because a little bit of scary on your body can be SUCH a good thing.

10. This stunning glimpse into the outdoors

We should really spend more time outside, but until then, this is a constant taste of sunlight.

11. This creative drawing


Just like, wow.

12. This shockingly beautiful moon


The moon is beautiful, but this tattoo may be even more beautiful.

13. This lovely forest


We can almost smell the fresh air.

14. This adorable gazelle


Ugh, we need this so much it hurts.

15. This island scene

This would be *so* calming.

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