Tituss Burgess will play a psychic in “I Hate Kids,” and we predict he’ll be a total delight

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fans, prepare to be super excited because Tituss Burgess (aka Titus Andromedon) is heading to the silver screen. Burgess has been cast in I Hate Kids, a road trip comedy that also stars La La Land’s Tom Everett Scott

Let’s be honest, being stuck in a car on a long drive with Scott and Burgess seems like a dream come true. Could you imagine the sing-alongs?!

According to Deadline, I Hate Kids follows this premise: Nick Pearson (Scott) is a successful author who hates kids. On the night before his wedding, a 13-year-old named Mason (played by newbie Julian Feder) shows up and claims to be his son because a “self-proclaimed psychic” (of course, played by Burgess) told him so. The three of them hit the road in search of Mason’s mom.

Though most of us know Burgess as the theater nerd Titus Andromedon, there’s no doubt that he was made to play a psychic — whose name, by the way, is The Amazing Fabular. And that’s just amazingly fabulous. We can picture it now…

Imagine Tituss looking into your future and uncovering something shocking.

Imagine Tituss getting a random vision — That’s So Raven-style.

Oh yeah, this is the stuff of gold.

Production for I Hate Kids, directed by John Asher, starts in July, so we’ve got a long time to wait until we see Tituss Burgess in all of his psychic glory. But, our prediction is that he’s going to nail this character.