Tituss Burgess just proved that you shouldn’t mess with someone so fabulous

It’s a tale as old as time…You’re looking for a removal man, or you’re getting something delivered, or you’re having a phone line installed and the person coming over ends up taking ALL DAY to arrive and then, boom, they never show up. We’ve all been there we all know it’s annoying AF.

While some of us *might* write a bad review, most of us will be content to just go for an angry walk to blow off steam before settling into our normal routine of watching Netflix.

However, when Tituss Burgess, the breakout star of Tina Fey’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, was left abandoned and then abused by a moving company in Brooklyn, he wasn’t going to take it lying down.


Taking to Yelp to voice his grievances, Tituss discussed how the company, Franks Express, was the “most unprofessional workers” he’d ever dealt with. Of course, this being Titus, he opened his review with some pure fabulousness.

“My name is Tituss Burgess,” he wrote. “Im an Emmy Nominated Actor for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt currently streaming on netflix. Thats besides the point. But watch it.[sic]”

What kind of slay is that? Yas.

Continuing, Titus goes on to explain how the movers left him hanging. When he called they even offered him a discount. After texting for 45 minutes the man agreed to come, but only if Titus posted a review to Yelp first.


Taking to social media, Tituss decided to share his experiences and enact revenge, sharing a video detailing his experiences on Instagram.

[Instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BHz9KP1D4sK/]

Responding to someone on Twitter, Tituss also alleged that the unnamed name called him a gay slur. Not cool. false


Taking things one step further, Tituss shared the alleged text conversation via Twitter. false

We totally feel for Tituss here. Not only is it annoying when someone doesn’t show up for you, but it’s never okay to use slurs.

Of course, people’s reactions on Twitter were strong. false false false


Similarly, people started leaving negative reviews on the company’s Yelp page, resulting in Yelp issuing this warning.



The moral of this story? You definitely shouldn’t mess with Tituss Burgess or you will get burned…Titus Andromedon explained by 1 gif.

H/T: Buzzfeed