The titles for the rest of this season’s “Game of Thrones” episodes are giving us chills

We’re obsessed with all things Game of Thrones, so we of course had a little fangirl moment when reported that the titles for the remaining episodes of Game of Thrones had been released. What could we learn about the upcoming episodes from these titles? Maybe a lot, maybe nothing. If you’d rather not know the upcoming episode titles, turn back now.


We already knew the titles for the next two episodes, and after last week’s title (“The Door”) turned out to be a particularly devastating hint about the episode, we’re paying extra attention to them from here on out. Tonight’s episode is titled “Blood of My Blood,” and we’re ready for some major family revelations. Then, on June 5, we get Episode 7, “The Broken Man.” Could that be about Bran, who is quite literally broken? Could it be about Theon, who was very broken and is in the process of repairing all the emotional damage Ramsay inflicted on him? Could it be about The Mountain, who was brought back as a Frankenstein-esque monster and is at least kind of broken and only kind of a man? WHO KNOWS?

Now, onto the new episode titles that reported. According to their source (a site called SKY Germany, which airs episodes of GoT the day after they premiere on HBO and has posted the titles for the rest of the season), here’s what we have to look forward to:

“No One.”

If Episode 8, which airs on June 12 is indeed called “No One,” we’re guessing it’s majorly Arya focused and that she might finally become a Faceless Man (Faceless Girl? ~shrug~). Chills. We have chills.

“Battle of Bastards”

The reported title for Episode 9, which airs June 19, is very, very intriguing. Historically, Game of Thrones goes big with the penultimate episode of the season and this season has already felt like it was building to a battle to reclaim Winterfell. “Battle of the Bastards” supports that theory, since it could easily refer to Ramsay and Jon Snow, two of the series’ most prominent bastards, duking it out for control of the North. It would also be cool and surprising and awesome if another bastard, Gendry, would show back up. Because seriously, where in Westeros (or Essos) is that guy?


“The Winds of Winter”

And finally, reports that the June 26th season finale, Episode 10, will be called “The Winds of Winter,” which sure sounds like some White Walker-y action is about to go down. Or that winter will at least finally come to the North, which would be about time after six years.

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