The title and plot for “Star Wars: Episode VIII” might have leaked and the fandom is freaking out

The eighth installment of the Star Wars franchise is over a year away — which means fans’ foreseeable future will be inundated with potential spoilers and speculation. Well, the first major possible leak occurred this week, and it has fans freaking out.

(Warning: Possible spoilers to follow.)

A few days ago, Reddit user ThaTiemz posted on the Star Wars forum a potential poster for Episode VIII, which was displayed for the incoming Star Wars convention, Celebration Europe, in London. And the title leaves little to the imagination:

The title, if this is to be believed, is Star Wars: Fall of the Resistance. Of course, fans are turning to Twitter to share their thoughts. And most believe it’s fake: false false false

Writer James Whitbrook of popular website i09 is pretty adamant that this is a hoax, writing:

Whitbrook goes on to explain that a second reason for being wary of the image is that the poster looks like it’s been leaked at Celebration Europe — you get the feeling from the vid that it supposedly was taken at the convention. But Celebration Europe doesn’t even start until July 15th, so why on earth would there already be posters? There’s no way Disney would allow such a huge item to be leaked on a random poster with no kind of announcement or press release first, Whitbrook believes.

He certainly has a point. So until then, Star Wars fans, let’s just breathe. Because honestly, regardless of the title, we’re all going to see the movie in the end, aren’t we?

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