This ‘Titanic’ theory will change the way you see Jack Dawson FOREVER

Titanic fans, we have some important updates about our fave adventure-loving, French girl-drawing lead character. Brace your hearts, because everything you THOUGHT you knew and loved about the 1997 film is about to be turned upside down. Are you ready for this? Okay. Jack Dawson might have been a time traveler. 

I know. Hear us out. A super fan compiled all the very, very compelling evidence from the movie that points to Jack totally being able to travel through time, and that his main purpose on the Titanic was to save Rose from jumping off the ship. The anonymous fan, who posted his thoughts to Facebook, argues that if Rose did, in fact jump, the captain would have stopped to look for her, the weather would have improved, and there wouldn’t have been a monster iceberg chilling (ha!), and waiting around for the Titanic to collide into it. So basically, Jack didn’t exactly fall in love with Rose—he was sent to her to save her.

Here’s some more evidence:

1. Jack tells someone that he fishes in Lake Wissota, which apparently is a man-made lake that was built in 1917. The Titanic set sail in 1912.

2. When Jack is being all lovey-dovey and promising Rose he’ll take her to the Santa Monica pier to ride the roller coaster, THERE IS NO ACTUAL WAY FOR HIM TO DO THAT BECAUSE THE ROLLER COASTER DIDN’T EXIST YET.

3. I mean, he won a Titanic ticket by gambling. That’s like the 2015 equivalent of winning a commercial flight to the moon or Mars. Those tickets were SO EXPENSIVE back in those days. 

4. According to the fan, Jack’s style (his beautiful flippy, honey-gold hair, his paper-boy style, DROOL) wasn’t even popularized until the ’30s. 

You guys: face it. Jack Dawson is a time traveler who existed on the Titanic SOLELY to save Rose DeWitt Bukater. It’s the only thing that makes sense, it’s the only thing I want to believe, and honestly it just makes the story that much more rad. Even though it would have been helpful if he also saved the thousands of other passengers who drowned in the icy Atlantic, but I guess you can’t have it all.