Our hearts will go on…At this Titanic theme park

Don’t say your goodbyes — not yet, you hear me? Because the epic love of Jack and Rose will live on at a Titanic theme park in Dubai.

Variety reports that Twentieth Century Fox are licensing the rights to a group in the Middle East to build a Titanic-themed section of a major theme park and resort that will cost upwards of $850 million to build and develop.

What would the rides in Titanicland be like? Obviously you’ll be able to be King of the World which we imagine will be a two-person ride where you face a stunning sea view and hold on for dear life while an Arctic breeze hits your face. There has to be the option to eat in the stunning Titanic ship dining room while fancy music plays! And of course, a water-ride but hopefully with a not-so-bleak ending.

“We are working on creating an immersive experience that includes motion theater simulators and will allow you to experience what it was like to be on the Titanic in an exciting way,” Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products told Variety.

According to People, The park will also have dedicated areas to other films and franchises like “Ice Age, Alien, Rio, Planet of the Apes, Predator, and The Simpsons.” So if Titanic isn’t your cup of tea, you’ve got other fandoms to choose from.

This isn’t the only theme park inspired by a film (and in the case of the Titanic theme park, a tragedy). Both Disneyland and Disneyworld are working on a Star Wars themed park, each taking up 14 acres. And over in Florida, you can visit Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We know where we’re going on our next vacation.

(Image via Paramount Pictures)