‘Titanic’ and everything else you NEED to re-watch on Netflix before August 1

Yes, my friends. It has finally happened. Titanic is leaving Netflix streaming. I know, I know. How could they? Doesn’t Netflix understand? Maybe this is just a case of like, “if you love something, let it go.” (But then in the back of your mind, Rose is whisper-yelling, “I’ll never let go!”) So even though Titanic is leaving the streaming site on August 1st, it’s never really going to leave us. It’ll still be on TV at least twice a week. It just won’t be at your fingertips anymore. So what I’m saying is, spend the next few days saying goodbye to Rose and Jack with a hearty Netflix viewing sesh or two.

And now, more difficult news: Titanic isn’t the only thing leaving the site in a few short days. Some of the most awesome shows and films we’ve come to rely on are getting the streaming axe. So cancel all your plans, because you’ve got a lot of things to watch before Saturday.

Family Ties

Before Michael J. Fox suited up as Marty McFly, he played Alex P. Keaton in one of the best ’80s sitcoms to grace TV sets. It also wasn’t just about Alex P. Keaton wearing suits and suspenders the whole time (though he does, a lot), but about the whole family dynamic. Ex-hippies Steven and Elyse Keaton are still two of the best parents on TV, ever.

Barbershop and Beauty Shop

Soon, you won’t be able to watch the original Barbershop with Ice Cube, and then immediately start it’s lady-centric spin-off with Queen Latifah, Beauty Shop. Go! Watch these back-to-back now!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Here’s a Disney live-action classic from the 1960s. I mean, it’ll probably get re-made in the near future. Then, you’re going to want to watch the original before that happens, so hedge your bets and check it out now before it’s gone. Oh, also the movie’s about a flying car and stars Dick Van Dyke. Sold.


This movie stars John Travolta and Nic Cage and they face off against each other. The plot really involves some crazy undercover police work with a face transplant, but I mean, you watch it not for the sci-fi aspect, but because Travolta and Cage do a hilarious job impersonating each other with their fancy new face transplants. Basically, your typical late ’90s action movie, so that means it’s great.

Fools Rush In

Remember in the ’90s, when Matthew Perry was one of the go-to leading men for rom-coms? This may have been his finest rom-com work. Perry and Salma Hayek have a one night fling, she gets pregnant, and the two decide to get married. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds, OF COURSE, since this is a rom-com.


There are lots of movies out there about Stephen Hawking, but this is one of the few that gained lots of access to the man himself.  This documentary not only features Hawking, but some of his closest friends and family discussing his legendary life. There are interviews from Buzz Aldrin, Richard Branson, and even Benedict Cumberbatch, too (who played Hawking in a BBC  TV movie).


M. Night Shyamalan followed up The Sixth Sense with Unbreakable. Once again, we’ve got Bruce Willis, but this time he’s playing a former football star, turned security guard, who is thought to literally be unbreakable. The movie also stars Samuel L. Jackson as someone who is very breakable (he has fragile bones). The two team up in a suspense thriller with an underlying comic book vibe. And yes, there’s a twist in the third act. And yes, a sequel for this movie has been rumored forever.

And finally, another reminder: TITANIC IS LEAVING OUR STREAMING LIVES

We’ll never let go.

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