‘Tis the season to rock this DIY tacky sweater at all your festive holiday parties

It’s December, and you know what that means: It’s ugly, ahem, tacky sweater party season! While there are some pretty awesome store-bought options out there, we all know that the DIY sweaters are where it’s at. They’re impressive AND cost-effective. So if you’re thinking you want to make your own, let us show you how it’s done.

Find an old sweater that you don’t mind getting crafty with, and cut a festive design out of felt to glue down. Mix it up by adding some old buttons or vintage earring to give it an extra shiny dimension. Be generous with your hot glue and sequins, because you can make it as tacky as you want! When you’re done, put it on and get ready for the party. When you arrive, you’ll most likely have the cutest tacky sweater there. Happy holidays and may your days be tacky and bright!

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Tacky Holiday Sweater


2 or 3 9 in. x 12 in. green felt pieces
Small piece of brown felt
Fabric glue
Buttons and/or earrings for ornaments
Glitter craft foam for star, or other tree topper
Sequins and/or snowflake buttons
Wire cutter
Hot glue gun


1. Cut a tree design of your choosing out of the green felt, and a trunk out of the brown felt.
2. Glue the tree to the sweater with fabric glue.
3. Remove the earring posts and button backs with wire cutters.
4. Hot glue the “ornaments” to the tree.
5. Add your star or tree topper.
6. Glue the snow sequins on with fabric glue, and the snowflake buttons with hot glue.

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