Tired Of Your Kids? Sell Them On Facebook!

Yeesh. Life must be getting kind of sticky for one particular family that recently had its own mother hen try to sell her two kids on Facebook. That’s right. The social media site for “I’m so hungry” and “What’s up with guys these days? Lol.” is now the prime target of what used to be Craigslist drama.

Mashable.com reports that 22-year-old Misty VanHorn, a mother of two in Oklahoma, attempted to sell her 10-month-old and her 2 year-old for $4,000. Newsflash: you’re going to jail, lady. And the situation gets even stickier – it’s been said that she wanted the money to possibly bail her (wait for it) boyfriend out of jail. Awwww. Romance.

The horrifying part is that she had a potential buyer, which for all we know could have been a sweet and kind lady that really wanted children OR a potentially dangerous individual that was patiently awaiting an offer like this for who knows why. Regardless of the reasoning, trafficking of minors in any fashion is a extreme “no-no”, but even more, doing it on a public site that is literally supervised 24 hours a day by programers might be one of the more insane moves I have yet to see in this day and age of social media. Facebook is strictly for complaining about your ex and looking for rides to the airport. Get it right or pay the price.

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