15 tiny witch tattoos that are pure magic

Wonderfully intuitive goddesses probably don’t need our assistance when it comes to choosing ink designs to adorn their skin, but we think we have a pretty good idea of the type of tattoos a witch would be inclined to choose. In our informative collection of revealing confessions from witches, we learned a ton about the spell-casting badasses, like how dedicated they are to their practices and how huge a role their beliefs play in their everyday lives.

One thing you should definitely understand about witches is that they are queens of rebellion who seek empowerment through the use of witchcraft. Additionally, some witches use ink as power, proudly displaying their magick for all the world to see.

Overall, modern-day witches are so much more than those shallow tropes we see on TV and in films (sorry, Hocus Pocus, but we still love you). You know, the scary-looking, hunch-backed witch crouched over a cauldron cooking up a liquid form of punishment for an unsuspecting victim. In fact, the witches we’ve come to know and admire are simply trying to navigate life in the simplest way possible like everyone else, except they’re totally cool with using rituals, lunar energy and tarot card spreads and casting spells to manifest their innermost desires.

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Because witches are our fierce feminist faves — and because it is the month of October, which represents all things mysterious and mystical — we rounded up some of our favorite witch-inspired ink.

What these tiny witch tattoos lack in size, they make up for in undeniable charm and pure ~magic~.

1A witch brewing potion

It’s just a hair bigger than a quarter, but the potency of this tiny, stern-looking witch concentrating on her potion is undeniably powerful.

2These witchy symbols

Witchy knuckle tats, FTW. For all of our ghoulish gals out there, we recommend these delightfully witchy symbol tattoos to help harness your energy.

3Tiny witch and flying broom.

Here’s proof that witch tats can be badass and adorable at the same time. This tiny witch and her flying broom receive our WitchEmoji stamp of approval.

4Witch hat tat


Sure, witches are extremely serious about practicing their craft but still understand how crucial it is to complete a lewk with a fabulous hat.

5Third eye tat


Intuition and foresight over everything.

6This tiny spider bearing the witches’ pentacle


Tiny yet perfectly ghoulish. (FYI, these-eight legged insects don’t scare witches!)

7Witches’ broom tattoo


Because what’s a witch to do without her broom?

8Crescent moon tattoo

This crescent moon tattoo is the perfect engraved moon ritual reminder.

9Moon phase tattoo


A true witch is always constantly aware of phases of the moon and how they impact her precious energy.

[listeheader nr=10]Black cat and the number 13[/listheader]

The black catch is a witch’s most coveted animal sidekick, so naturally it makes for a perfect piece of skin art.

11Tiny universe tattoo

Because each witch possesses a deeply personal connection to the cosmos.

12Crystal flash tattoo


ICYDK, crystals are extremely important to witches. They are used as sources of emotional and spiritual healing and are believed to have the ability to remove negative energy from spaces. This tattoo ensures that you’re always carrying a magick-containing crystal around with you at all times.

13Candle tat


*Inserts corny joke in here about the idea of a candle tattoo being extremely lit.*

14Tarot tat


If you’re a witch who loves ink, a tarot-inspired tattoo is most certainly in the cards for you.

15Crystal ball tattoo.


Gaze into the divine future with this chic crystal ball tattoo.

We’re obsessed with these tats! Hopefully, witches will find them easy on the eyes and the spirit.