The internet is freaking out over this video of a tiny Taiwanese sea monster

We just saw a crazy-scary horror movie. It’s only thirty-five seconds long, it’s on YouTube, and, oh yeah, it’s a hundred-percent real life

As RT reports, Wei Cheng Jian, a Taiwanese fisherman, caught this super-long, super-creepy, bright-green worm-thing while fishing in the port of Penghu, and posted a video of the terrifying creature online, hoping the internet could help him figure out what the heck he had caught.

The general consensus online is that Jian caught a ribbon worm. Most ribbon worms only grow to about 20 centimeters long (that’s about two-thirds of a foot for those of us not on the metric system), but they can grow up to 60 meters long or about the length of a blue whale.

If Jian indeed did catch a ribbon worm, he caught a SUPER long one. Or he could have caught a sea-monster-outer-space-ghost-alien. We live in a mysterious world, you guys, anything is possible.

For the brave of heart, video evidence of the tiny but terrifying creature below.

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