These tiny pies are almost too adorable to eat, but of course we still will because pie

There’s a place in Austin, Texas making tiny pies that are almost too cute to chow down on. It’s called Tiny Pies, because of course it is. And despite how adorable-looking they are, we’d still eat one because, duh, it’s pie.

Tiny Pies was founded by mother and daughter team, Kit Seay and Amanda Bates.

The tiny pie store idea was born when Amanda’s son wanted to take pie to school in his lunch.

He asked his mom to make him a tiny pie that he could hold in his hand. And the rest, as they say, was history.

It makes sense that tiny pies would exist since they are the next logical progression after we created tiny cupcakes.

And, the good folks at Tiny Pies are doing it right. They make all their pies from scratch and have found the perfect balance of flaky crust and fresh fillings like cherry, Dutchy’s apple, Texas two step, and an insane mix of chocolate brownie and gooey pecan pie.

They also offer Mason jar pies and we legit cannot handle how exceedingly cute that is.

Every pie is a hit. But the classic Texas pecan pie, which is made from an old family recipe, flies off the shelf.

Though it still may not technically be Pi Day, every day becomes “Pie Day” with these delicious miniature concoctions.

The best part is that they use local ingredients whenever possible, and no preservatives.

The trend has taken off! A quick search of the hashtag #tinypies on Instagram will serve up pages and pages of delicious images.

And this is one trend that certainly makes us hungry for more!