The tiny Paris Fashion Week dog is back, and *still* more stylish than we could ever hope to be

Putting a dog in clothing of any kind is a quick and easy way to amp up the adorbs factor. But putting a dog in custom-designed high-fashion threads? Then you’ve got a star on your hands. Everybody’s fave tiny Paris Fashion Week dog, Little Lola Sunshine, is back, and she’s better than ever.

Little Lola first captured our attention (and our hearts) when she appeared at Paris Fashion Week back in October. She strutted her stuff and put all of the ordinary human models and celebs to shame, rocking couture like nobody’s business. Little Lola attended the esteemed fashion event once again this year, in all her high-fashion glory. And our hearts are truly melting.

Lola burst back onto the scene with a video shared by a fashion photographer on Tuesday, taken outside the Grand Palais. In the short clip, the petite pup balances on her hind legs, twirling around for her horde of impressed fans at her owner’s instruction.

Flabbergasted “This is outrageous!” lady = all of us. Whoever was responsible for training Lola, please contact us ASAP because you are a damn rockstar (and our puppies need you).

According to a recent interview with Little Lola’s owner in Peopleshe originally got Lola (whose Instagram account bio lists her as an “ingénue, trick dog, [and] therapy dog” who loves “children, charity, and champagne”) as a puppy and wanted to train her to do tricks for kids in hospitals. Lola is still primarily a helper dog, she’s just into fashion on the side.

This is Lola’s and her mom’s third time attending Paris Fashion Week; they also attended Milan Fashion Week for the first time this year.

According to People, Lola has her own seamstress, whose job it is to outfit her in Yorkie-appropriate versions of the latest fashions. The well-trained pup is fast becoming the unofficial mascot of fashion week because… Well, seriously, just look at her. She’s so tiny and so trendy!

We mere humans can only aspire to one day be this poised, well-groomed, and fashionable.

Never stop slaying, Little Lola.