Happy Saturday! Here are some tiny magical bunnies to lay your eyes on.

Adopting a bunny is a beautiful thing to do.

Adopting TWO bunnies and turning them into your artistic muses?? That’s next level beautiful.

And that’s exactly what Arefin, a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, did. He took whimsical, playful portraits of his little companions, and posted the images to Bored Panda this week.. The results are an incredible mix of adorable and magical.

Oh! Hey there, little guy!

No? Don’t feel like hanging out right now? That’s OK…

Oh, I see, you’ve made a new friend.

And you’ve found a flower!

Oh! A whole bunch of flowers!

I bow down to your majestic adorableness.

Hmm….tea? Coffee? No, I think I would like to order a cup of love, please.

Ohhhhhhmygosh. You are so pretty! Why are you on the other side of my screen?! Come here and let me squiiiiish you!

It’s very important that the bunny makes himself comfortable. Only when he is the comfiest can the magic happen.

A word from the artist: “I wish to take more photos for this bunny series in future. I want and hope that these photos of my bunnies will make people smile a bit. I saw in some cases how badly bunnies are being treated, and often neglected. In some places they are considered as pests! So I wish my photos will make people love and appreciate bunnies more. After all, this world needs more beauty and cuteness.”

We do, Arefin. We do!

‘Thank you for taking care of me, human! I love you the way only a bunny can.” <3

(Images via Bored Panda by Ashrafuarefineart)