This tiny Kylo Ren getting the First Order treatment at Disney World will melt your Sith heart

Disney World is a very magical place, where anything can happen at any time. So who knows, maybe you’re just hanging out in Hollywood Studios, dressed like Kylo Ren one second, and the next you’re being escorted around the park by two Stormtroopers in a totally amazing Star Wars move the next.

For one lucky kid, that actually happened.

A little dude named Nicolas was just hanging out at the Disney World theme park, dressed as the best new baddie in the Star Wars universe, when Stormtroopers happened to come wandering by. If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park, you know that Stormtroopers sometimes wander around, as they should. They’re patrolling, duh. 

In a video uploaded to YouTube. Nicholas’ dad captures everything that happens right after the Stormtroopers spot their (little) boss. They take him on a stroll through the park, because doesn’t every kid (and some adults) dream of having a personal Stormtrooper escort??

The Stormtroopers actually take lil’ Kylo Ren to meet big Kylo Ren, and the entire moment is simply too cute for words. It’s just something you need to see to believe, and it’s going to melt your frozen-Hoth heart like the lava on Mustafar.


Nicholas’ dad captions the YouTube video with, “This will be an experience he will remember forever!” and yeah, we’re going to remember this forever, too.

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