This tiny kitten being brushed with a toothbrush is the cutest thing EVER

We love, love, love cats. We don’t care if it makes us ~crazy cat ladies~ or not, we can’t help but love our cats oh-so-much! Nothing gets us quite as much as a kitty. And this kitten being brushed with a toothbrush is actually one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

The teensy foster is so pleased to be brushed, and it’s making us tear up. Also, as cute as it sounds, fostering a kitten from a rescue is pretty serious, as we know you’d want to be the best cat foster parent EVER.

Hannah Shaw, a professional kitten rescuer, is our actual icon. She shared a video of this tiny kitten being brushed with a TOOTHBRUSH and our hearts are bursting.

The self-proclaimed kitten lady explained that this practice isn’t just cute. It’s educational for kittens who were taken from their moms at an early age.

Hannah explained,

"These kittens are brushed with a toothbrush about once a day, and they're all spectacular groomers because of it. Definitely a good thing to add to your care routine when raising orphans!"

One commenter wrote, “I want to do this for a living,” and another wrote, ” I really wish I was toothbrushing a kitten right now…. ?.” Trust us when we say we 100% agree!

Just looooook at these fuzzy babies! Our hearts are so warm and fuzzy right now.


Our actual dream come true.