Tiny Kendall & Kylie Jenner pose on Santa’s lap in this adorable throwback photo

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been on a TBT Insta kick as of late, and their most recent throwback just might be the most adorable yet. It’s definitely the most festive. Kylie posted a throwback pic of herself and Kendall on Santa’s lap back when they were just tiny tots, and it’s giving us some major childhood nostalgia ~vibes~.

The polaroid picture has “Christmas 2000” written at the bottom, complete with a heart dotting the “i” in Christmas. We wonder if Santa had any idea that those little peanuts on his lap were going to be the fashion mega-icons they are today?


With Kendall’s fur collar and Kylie’s leopard print skirt, Santa had to know these gals had a future in fashion.

And if you love a good Jenner #TBT, Kylie is stockpiling an arsenal of Kendall/Kylie kiddie pics on her Instagram. When Kendall turned 21, Kylie posted this super adorable photo of she and her sister both in full costume. Maybe it was Halloween, maybe it was just a Wednesday. Either way, we’re loving these looks.

“You are an angel my supermodel sister,” Kylie captioned. “I love watching you live out your dreams.”


And here they are again in costume! Pink, purple, pearls, bows, lace — the signs were clearly there showing that these two were destined for the runway.

“Every Kylie needs a Kendall,” Kylie captioned this pic.


This last one might actually be too cute, so brace yourselves. Kendall posted this throwback picture of herself, Kylie and Kim and we’re just dead. Side note: The Jenner kids loved their leopard print, amiright?


The Jenner girls with Santa may have just made our entire holiday season. Keep the throwbacks coming, ladies. We truly cannot get enough!

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