@TinyHatsOnCats is the Instagram account we never knew we needed

Nothing’s more fun on the Internet than cats, right?

Wrong. Well, sort of. Our newest web obsession isn’t just cats, but cats wearing minuscule, handmade hats.

Adam Ellis, who works as an illustrator for BuzzFeed, has taken the Internet cat game up about 10,000 levels with his new Instagram called (you guessed it) Tiny Hats on Cats. The account features his cat, Maxwell, modeling teeny tiny, crazy elaborate paper hats that Ellis makes himself. Seriously. This guy is not messing around. You have to see it to believe it. The hats are works of art. Kate Middleton should be so lucky.

It’s no wonder Tiny Hats on Cats has amassed more than 16,000 followers in six short weeks. And as if a cat donning a fashionable chapeau wasn’t already adorbs enough, Maxwell only has three legs.

Stop! Just stop. My heart is exploding to bits.

Maxwell doesn’t let his differently-abled body keep him from exploring a variety of exciting career options. On Tiny Hats on Cats, we see him take on dozens of roles . . .

Like airline pilot.

1940’s newspaper reporter.

Sea captain.

And even Valkyrie warrior!

Maxwell isn’t all business, though. He knows how to let loose his inner party animal.

Of all Maxwell’s hats, my favorite is the one he wore to officially mourn Fox’s cancellation of The Mindy Project. (We feel your pain, Maxwell. Thank goodness for Hulu!).

Of course the hat he wore for National Pizza Party Day was also rather magnificent. (Rock that pizza cutter, Maxwell!)

Maxwell is the perfect feline hat model. Obvs. He has a kitty sister named Pepper, but this is what happened when Ellis tried to put a hat on her.


If you think your cat has what it takes to wear a stylish hat like Maxwell does, you’re in luck. In October, Steve Ellis’ book, Tiny Hats on Cats, will be published by Grand Central Publishing. And you guys, it’s a craft book! That’s right. It includes step-by-step instructions, so you can make your own kitty hats. Consider my calendar cleared for the entire month of October.

So what does Ellis do when he’s not working at his day job or making hats for his cats? He makes teddy bears for them. Because of course he does.


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