Cuteness Break: This tiny hamster’s tiny Tiki party is majorly adorable!

When it comes to tiny animals and miniature cuteness there is no one better than HelloDenizen! The precision and care put in to crafting little food and parties for the cheerful hamsters (and occasionally an hedgehog or two) is amazing and this video is no different from the others. This tiny hamster, and hedgehog pal, are relaxing poolside in grass skirts and having an awesome tiny tiki party. Thanks to their loving human chef, their tiny tiki party feast comes complete with a Pupu Platter and mini fruity drinks served with cocktail umbrellas because that is what a tiny hamster tiki party is all about. Watch them devour the delectable dishes and even commit an adorable party foul in the 5th ‘Tiny Hamster’ video from HelloDenizen:

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