Tiny Hamster hosts tiny Fourth of July BBQ. Our hearts explode into fireworks!

You are cordially invited to a fourth of July backyard barbecue, complete with burgers on the grill, pompom fireworks, pool party antics and all the red, white and blue you can handle.

And oh yeah, the host of this patriotic shindig happens to be a tiny hamster.

He might be tiny, but he’s a legit party animal, as are the members of his crew—a bunny, a guinea pig and a hedgehog in a fedora with a penchant for climbing out of his chair and crawling onto the picnic table. (Sigh. There’s one of those at every party, amirite? Don’t be that guy, Mr. Hedgehog.)

It’s almost all too adorable (and too tiny) to be real. But it is, and it’s magical. Thanks to the creative geniuses at HelloDenizen—the same amazing folks who brought us A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving and Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date (for Valentine’s Day…obvs)—we can watch tiny hamster and his friends party down in patriotic style while eating burgers and ridiculously small veggie kabobs on poker chip plates.

The video is worth a view just to witness the guinea pig drift past the camera on a pool floatie. Yes, you guys. A guinea pig chilling on a pool float. In sunglasses.

Trust me. You need this in your life. 


(Video and image via HelloDenizen)

Tiny hamster’s tiny tiki party

Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos

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