Tiny Hamster went to Disney World! Tiny Hamster went to Disney World!

Our favorite tiny internet superstar is off on another tiny, amazing adventure!

We’ve seen Tiny Hamster host a tiny tiki party, a tiny Thanksgiving dinner, a tiny 4th of July BBQ, and even fall in (tiny) love. What’s next for a Tiny Hamster with some seriously large #lifestylegoals? A trip to Disney World! I mean, duh.

Hello Denizen, the creative geniuses behind the Tiny Hamster videos, paired with Disney’s WDW Best Day Ever social media campaign to make the tiny trip possible. And TBH, we think it seems like a match made in heaven. Let’s not forget that Mickey Mouse himself is (technically) a rodent, so we’re sure he was super eager to welcome Tiny Hamster and show him a (tiny) Disney-riffic good time.

Hold up. Are those tiny mouse ears we spy on tiny hamster’s tiny head? Yes. Yes, they are . . .


From the looks of the video, Tiny Hamster spent his day at Disney doing what any of us would do.  Things like checking out the light parade, the Haunted Mansion, Tomorrowland, Animal Kingdom (obvs) and riding the spinning teacups . . .

And we all know how much Tiny Hamster loves to eat. So of course he chowed down on some delicious theme park food, which was prepared for him by his trainers (because big . . . I mean tiny . . . celebs always travel with their own chefs) so it was totally safe and nutritious.

It’s a small, small world, isn’t it? Some might even say it’s tiny!

Check out Tiny Hamster’s big day at Disney World in the video below:

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[All images and video via YouTube]

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