12 tiny floral tattoos that put a delicate, dark twist on flower tattoos

You already know that we do our best to stay on top of the latest tattoo trends, and one of our favorite trends is the explosion of totally gorgeous floral tattoos. Whether you’re into bold blackwork tattoos, vivid, intricate color tattoos, or super teensy tiny tattoos, the perfect b


ody art is just waiting for you! We have a never-ending love for tattoos, so we were pumped to stumble upon these adorable tiny floral tattoos.

Get ready to fall in love, people.

Like, how killer are these?!

We’re seriously head over heels for these stunning little floral tattoos.

Ugh, they’re just so cute, and so delicate. Our artsy souls are loving these.

And we’re 100% digging these hands with tiny floral tattoos! They’re so, so cute.

TG for tattoos for helping us express ourselves!

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