You may have missed this *tiny* detail that proves that the “American Horror Story” twist is HERE

American Horror Story: Spoilers.

Congrats, everyone! We made it! We’re ~officially~ halfway through Season 6 of American Horror Story, and it appears as if the Roanoke Nightmare is over. Like, actually over. For real, for real over, because we’re not going back to Edward Mott’s Murde House ever again. We can all agree that was fun, but let’s never do it ever again!

The next episode of the season is poised to deliver the BIG TWIST Ryan Murphy has been teasing for the last few weeks. None of us are entirely sure what it is, let alone what it’s going to mean for the rest of the season. But, we can pretty much assume it’s got something to do with the behind-the-scenes production crew. The preview for Episode 6, “Chapter 6,” shows us a quick 15-second scene of Cheyenne Jackson’s producer telling his camera crew to keep filming no matter what. It’s quite ominous.

If you were paying attention to the end of this preview you might have caught one *tiny* little detail that really hints at this ~TWIST~. For the last five episodes, the AHS announcer has stated that "My Roanoke Nightmare" is a "true American Horror Story."

Well, not anymore.

The announcer this time around states — over the BOOMING AHS THEME SONG!! — that it’s *finally* just “American Horror Story: Roanoke.

On top of that, look how the title card has changed. Here are the title cards for each preview for Episodes 1-6, in order. By Episode 6, everything about "My Roanoke Nightmare" has disapepared.

Without a doubt, the documentary format is being abandoned, and we're moving away from Roanoke — but not completely away from Roanoke. The subtitle for this season still remains Roanoke, but it's no longer a nightmare. Or maybe it still is, IDK IDK!!

One thing is clear: The twist is here, and we’re in for a completely different Roanoke story from here on out.