This is a teeny, tiny book about life’s little pleasures and we need it

Are you ready for an incredible dose of awesome on your Tuesday morning? Colorado artist Evan Lorenzen has created a teensy little book and it’s an all-around joy. The subject (and title) of the book is “Life’s Lil Pleasures,” and it captures all of the things that make life just a little bit better. But the best and most ingenious part is that the book itself is a little, itty-bitty pleasure! It’s a micro-book, measuring just one inch tall. You guys, I can’t even handle how wonderful this is.

Lorenzen creates his tiny books by hand, using pencil, ink, and the occasional watercolor. The amount of artistry that goes into these teensy books is just incredible, and the final product is gorgeous, touching, and at times hilarious. Here are a few shots of the book’s illustrations.

While it’s not clear if the actual book is for sale, you can check out Evan’s website for more images of this tiny book and others!

(Images via Bored Panda via ArtandSuchEvan)