“Tiny Backpack” makes us wanna wear, well, tiny backpacks

Nelly rapped about stomping in his Air Force Ones in 2002. Now, Union Bridge Films is endorsing one of the most beloved fashion accessories of the ’90s: The tiny backpack (REPEATED AIR HORN NOISES).

We should probably preface this by saying that “Tiny Backpack” is a rap spoof (something in the vein of The Lonely Island’s early works like “Stork Patrol“) which makes it much more engaging.

In the video, the ladies of Union Bridge Films saunter around New York City, rapping about the efficiency of tiny backpacks. They even go so far as to talk smack about big backpacks, likening them to luggage. Whatever happened to all backpack acceptance, people?

All joking aside, “Tiny Backpack” is an effective rhetorical piece, especially when it comes to convincing audiences about the efficiency of tiny backpacks. We’re down for any fashion accessory that carries our stuff hands-free, but don’t take it from us — listen to “Tiny Backpack.”

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