Tinsel Beard is the holiday fad we didn’t expect to love

We thought we’d seen it all in the world of hair and beauty fads, but we were wrong. If you liked Glitter Beard, get ready to meet its festive cousin: Tinsel Beard. And don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just some random tinsel hanging in facial hair. Tinsel Beard is basically a lifestyle.

This goes beyond tinsel in beard. It’s beard that looks straight up like tinsel. 

But if you want to intricately weave tinsel in a pattern into your actual beard, that’s also a valid life choice. 

Want to construct an enviable beard out of tinsel and just make the whole world jealous? Tinsel Beard gives you that ability. 

Tinsel Beard looks better with a buddy. Twice the Tinsel Beard translates to literally twice the holiday joy. 

But don’t think Tinsel Beard is limited to guys. Tinsel Beard doesn’t discriminate and ladies can rock it just as well. 

And dogs. Dogs can also Tinsel Beard because holiday magic is real. 

(Image via Instagram.)

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