The teeniest tiniest most adorable horse ever

Hold your horses!

No, really. Here’s one you can actually hold. In your arms. Or maybe even your lap.

YouTube user Sterling Bartow posted two videos recently of the teeniest, tiniest horse we’ve ever set our eyeballs on. And it might be the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen. For real. The only way it could get any better is if we were looking at a video of an actual unicorn. But maybe not. Because you couldn’t tuck a unicorn into your handbag and carry it around like Bruiser Woods in Legally Blonde.

Seriously, though. How is this even possible? Do horses this small even exist?

Yes. They do, apparently.

The horse in the video is named Sammy, and he’s a miniature horse (obvs). The reason he’s so incredibly tiny is because not only is he miniature but he’s also only three days old.

Newborn miniature horses stand at 16-21 inches tall and weigh only about 20 pounds. And yes, you can pick them up and cuddle them just a like puppy. But they’re legit horses. Like other horses, they can stand up just minutes after being born. Within hours, they can run around like nobody’s business.

In the videos, three-day-old Sammy shows off how much he loves to play chase. Even his owners seem surprised at how into it he is.

Our hearts are melting! Props to Sterling, the human being chased. If I had something that tiny and adorable coming after me, there’s no way I could run away. Not even for the purposes of making an amazing video.

And MAD props to Sammy not only for over-the-top cuteness, but for having such amazing skills after only being on planet earth for three days. THREE DAYS!

Yes, in the second video he gets his head (adorably, of course) stuck in a fence because he hasn’t quite figured out how to walk through openings. But hey. He’ll figure it out. He’s got time. Lots and lots of time.

Watch Sammy horse around in the videos below. (BRB, going to start a miniature horse farm.)

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