This is the tiniest Game Boy we’ve ever seen, and it can teach you to code

Ready to see something equal parts adorable and wicked impressive? Gigglers, meet Arduboy, a handheld gaming system the size of a credit card. It’s tiny, simple, and totally open source, which means games are free once you have the handheld. But that’s not all this little guy does: This little bugger could help make coding in the classroom super easy!

How, you ask? Well, Arduboy is a simple-to-use little gadget that is built on Arduino software, a platform that allows for open source coding. That means you can build your own Arduboy games (don’t worry, some games have already been built and are ready to play), using a simple step-by-step set of instructions the company will provide. And since getting coding into classrooms is the next wave of tech in schools, Arduboy is providing education kits to help teachers use the tiny little guy with students! Kind of genius.

Look at the Arduboy in all of its glory:

Creator Kevin Bates shared the prototype of Arduboy via Youtube in February of last year, and it went viral shortly thereafter. Arduboy looked a little different back then, but the basics remain the same. It’s still a credit card sized system with a simple screen display and Gameboy-like controls.

Since realizing the potential of this amazing project, Bates has tweaked it a bit, and it looks more like a Gameboy now than it did a year ago. We’re talking the red and black buttons on a white background, baby. Vintage to the max.

Arduboy has caught the eye of a lot of very cool people, including Bill Nye and President Obama. But more importantly, backers have turned out in serious numbers to get behind this project. The original goal for Arduboy’s Kickstarter campaign was $25,000. To date, they’ve raised over $280,000 from almost 5,000 backers. Because of that awesome support, it looks like Arduboy will be shipping to backers in October. It will also be available for purchase at a starting price of $39, while backers can get it for $29.

Let’s recap: Arduboy is super small, super educational, has super games, and is super affordable. And it’s going to be available super soon! We can’t wait to see this little guy in action.

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