Tinder now has verified accounts, because celebrities swipe right, too

When swiping through Tinder, it’s not particularly uncommon to see a familiar face; whether it be an acquaintance from high school or a friend of a friend you met at a party that one time. But every once in a while, a very different kind of familiar face will end up under your thumb. When a celebrity pops up as a potential match on Tinder, it’s hard not to give them an extra moment’s thought (which is basically an hour in Tinder time). Chances are the profile is fake — and we’ve all seen Catfish: The TV Show. But what if it weren’t? How would you know if you were about to swipe left on a REAL celeb you’ve been secretly crushing on?

Luckily, Tinder now has a solution. As of Tuesday, the dating app is joining the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and offering verified accounts for “notable public figures, celebrities and athletes.” (Because celebrities: They’re just like us!) Here’s how this whole “verified” thing will look, according to Tinder’s blog, where examples were posted.

I think we’re supposed to pretend Amanda is famous. Anyway, see that blue check mark? Verified.

The move is a long time in the making. Last year, Tinder CEO Sean Rad revealed plans to roll out the verified accounts at SXSW, claiming that while multiple celebrities utilized the app, they weren’t getting nearly as many matches as one would think. Rad reasoned this was likely in part — if not entirely — because people assumed their accounts were fake.

The stigma of online dating has definitely decreased over the last few years, and it makes sense that Tinder would try to make its app more famous-friendly. The Pew Research Center estimates that 59% of people believe online dating is a good way to meet people; and one in five adults aged 25-34 have used it. Dating apps are on the rise, and people are less ashamed than ever to admit they’ve met their partners via less traditional means. So why should celebrities be an exception?

A handful of celebs have already admitted to dipping their toes in the tumultuous waters of Tinder at one point or another (Lily Allen, Hilary Duff, and Josh Groban, just to name a few). The verified accounts make the app more appealing both for celebrities and for us non-famous folks. It’s a win-win.

So the next time you’re in the middle of a swiping frenzy and you come across a celeb, look for that familiar blue checkmark of legitimacy. Whether you choose to swipe right or left is up to you.

(Images via Cosmo, Tinder)

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