10 Ways to Win at Tinder

The whole world seems to be on Tinder at the moment, and whether you think that’s awesome or the worst thing that’s ever happened to love since Edward and Bella, it’s at least time to accept it. If you’ve been thinking of giving it a go or have been on it for the past 10 hours, here are a few helpful tips for successful Tindering!

1. Let go of the accidental swipes-to-the-left

Your soul mate is not gone forever, and you’re not doomed to live alone because you accidentally swiped left when you meant to swipe right. The beauty of Tinder is that you can just pick your phone back up and carry on.

2. Know which phrases to avoid (and please, dear god, avoid using them)

Yes, that means ditching the dated Marilyn Monroe/Drake quotes. I’ve also lost count of the number of times I’ve read the following phrases: “Looking to see what this Tinder thing is all about” and “I’m here because my friends signed me up.” No need to play it cool, we’re all on the app together!

3. Don’t take everything personally

So you stared longingly at someone’s picture for what felt like hours before swiping, and they haven’t even had the decency to match with you, let alone message you. Just move on and accept that you’re far too fabulous for them anyway, and that they obviously meant to swipe right but slipped up. (See #1.)

4. And avoid taking it too seriously

It’s supposed to be fun, after all. It’s eliminated the need to fill in those cringe-worthy likes/dislikes/preferences/hobbies/interests of regular online dating profiles, so embrace how simple it is.

5. Swipe left to those gym selfies

I can 100% tell you from pure scientific fact that swiping to the right on a gym selfie is going to end in trouble. Don’t do it. No abs are worth it.

6. Remember that your bio is not the most important thing you will ever write

Keep it short and sweet, but with something to get the conversation started. Location and occupation are a good start, and will give people something to start a conversation with you.

7. Under any circumstances, do not TUI

That’s “Tindering Under the Influence,” FYI. It’s amazing how much better everyone looks after a glass (or bottle) of wine, so make up your mind: the bottle or the phone.

8. Don’t lower your standards

Just because you’re on a dating app, doesn’t mean you should settle or go for someone you wouldn’t usually be attracted to just because. Keep in mind what you’re looking for and don’t feel like you have to compromise.

9. ‘Tinder Moments’ are the worst thing that’s ever happened

Nothing says romance like a snap of a guy in bed with the caption, “Hey girls. . .anyone wanna’ come join?” I don’t know why the Tinder gods thought the “moments” thing was a good idea, but I can tell you it’s definitely not.

10. Just go with the flow

Embrace the madness that is Tinder. You’ll no doubt go on loads of dates with lots of different people, and if the worst thing you get out of the experience is a couple of drinks, remember you’ve not done badly at all.

Laura Barns is a 21-year-old English and Creative Writing graduate living in Chester, UK. She is happiest with a big mug of tea and an even bigger book, with her guinea pigs in her lap. 

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