Uh oh: This study confirms our worst fears about Tinder

If it ever feels like the guys you meet on Tinder view dating as a game, unfortunately, a new study says you might be right.

Researchers at Queen Mary University London set up 14 fake Tinder profiles and swiped right on every Tinder user within a 100-mile radius to test the rates of matches by gender. The overwhelming majority of matches they received were from men — 8,248 to be exact — while only getting 532 matches from female Tinder users.

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Interestingly enough, though far fewer women swiped right, the ones who did were much more likely to send a message than the men. Twenty-one percent of women sent follow-up messages to their matches, while only 7% of men did the same.

So what’s the deal?

A follow-up survey of Tinder users revealed that men are much more likely to view Tinder as a game, swiping right on everyone without paying much attention to the actual profiles they’re liking. The reason?

To increase their odds of a match and to see who is liking them back.

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In contrast, NONE of the women surveyed reporting using this across-the-board method of swiping right.

Sigh. Dating in 2016 just seems to get more and more complicated, doesn’t it?