That faux Tinder star is now our new best friend on LinkedIn

Not too long ago we introduced you to Ava, a lovely lady robot who was breaking hearts at SXSW with her faux-Tinder account. Of course, Ava wasn’t actually real. She was part of an elaborate marketing campaign for the upcoming movie Ex Machina.

Well, Ava is back on the Internet, but this time she’s not looking for love. She’s looking for work . . . as your personal assistant. The production company behind Ex Machina, A24 Films, has partnered with, a kind of awesome/crazy startup that offers artificial intelligence personal assistant services via email. Now, along with’s usual AI assistant Amy, you can have Ava set up your meetings. That’s right — you can now say, “My robot assistant will be in touch,” and actually mean it.

Here’s how it works: When you’re emailing with someone about plans, cc: [email protected]. She’ll then take over, checking your calendar and working out a time for you to have a meeting. You then receive an email with a final invite showing the time, date, and place Ava set up for you. Since it uses AI, the correspondence between Ava and your work contact/buddy/whoever else you’re meeting should sound more or less natural.

But Ava didn’t stop there. She’s also got a LinkedIn account, which shows her current occupation as a Personal Assistant with Sadly, this is just a temp position for her, and she’ll be leaving the company on April 30.

This is a little different from what she did on Tinder, mainly because Ex Machina is featured prominently on her LinkedIn profile whereas her Tinder account kept it more hush-hush. But it is awesome that you can “interact” with Ava through Let’s just say it: The marketing team behind this movie are really on their A-game.

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