This might be the quirkiest Tinder profile in the history of Tinder profiles

It’s safe to say that the dating world can be a little tough to navigate – especially if you haven’t been having much success. It can be even rougher if your trouble extends to the Internet, but one guy is making the most of his talents to create one of the most memorable Tinder profiles out there.

Jude Senese, a 31-year-old art director from Boston, decided not to go the traditional route of selfies and generic crop-yourself-out-of-a-group-photos when it came to sprucing up his account. Instead, he used his talents to Photoshop himself in alongside various images – including tons of puppies, space pizza, Game of Thrones‘s Daenerys Targaryen and the Queen Bey herself.

According to Senese, he didn’t have any real agenda in creating the profile, but he does have one particular endgame in mind. “I’m just trying to have some fun and land a date with Kristen Wiig,” he told AdWeek. “Figured this was my best bet to get her attention.”

We have no doubt that this will somehow make the rounds to her eventually. Click through for just a few of our favorites – and prepare to resist the urge to swipe right.

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