Tinder finally lets us put those matchmaking skills to work

Not into someone who pops up as a potential match for you on Tinder, but think they’d be a good match for your friend? Well, now you can “share” Tinder profiles with others, thanks to Tinder testing out this new matchmaking method. Then, your work is done, and it’s all up to your friend to swipe “yes” or “no.” Easy.

Personally, I think it’s a win-win for everyone that Tinder is stepping up their dating and matchmaking game. Instead of seeing someone that you’d think would match with your friend and then tell them to adjust their Discovery Settings so that they may find that person, or perhaps they can find him or her on Facebook or in a quick Google search, this Tinder share button expedites the whole process.

If you don’t see the share button in your Tinder app, have no fear. It’s only being tested among a small group of users first. The button, which “looks like a tray with an upward-pointing arrow within it, will send a temporary link via text to a friend,” reported Digital Trends.

As an added twist, the link will expire after 72 hours or five clicks, so there’s no time to waffle about saying “yes” or “no.” (Besides, you can always unmatch with someone later after saying “yes.”)

I love this time crunch aspect of the share button. It reminds me of Bumble, how women have 24 hours to message a new match, or else the person disappears into the online dating vortex. Nothing like a little pressure to get you to make a decision, especially in the endless sea of swipes and match options that are easily forgotten.

Aside from recommending someone to a friend, you may want to use Tinder’s share button to get your friend’s opinion on someone you’re interested in.

But, if you’re more of a private person and don’t want your profile shared—even though everyone seems to be on Tinder these days, so NBD—you can always go into your Discovery Settings and disable it. Definitely consider the downside to this move, though. After all, the more match options and referrals out there, the better your odds are at meeting someone, right?

Annnd, as you probably know, more and more people are meeting their significant others and husbands and wives on Tinder. With the share button, though, people can start saying they met someone on Tinder… thanks to you sharing that someone with them. It’s the easiest set-up ever. So, if you happen to be one of the people in the test group, pay it forward. After all, your friend’s love life is in your hands—literally.

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