Tinder is making a huge change, and promising more love connections

Tinder may be the preferred way to find someone to Netflix and chill with, but it’s not known for making matches that go the distance. That may be about to change. CNBC reports that the dating app is prepping to announce a change to their algorithm that might just land you more bonafide matches, and slightly fewer randoms.

“We’re about to announce a huge change we’ve made to the algorithm and we have increased the number of matches by over 30 percent,” Sean Rad, head of Tinder, said at a Web Summit conference in Dublin today. He says there are a “series of things you’re going to see that will help you make sense of the sheer volume of people around you and build deeper connections.”

According to a survey Tinder did, a deeper connection is something a lot of users want. Around 80 percent of users want a long-term relationship, so the app’s reputation as hook-up central needs to change. And the first step, at least according to Tinder top dogs, is to change the math. While they’re still mum on what exactly that means, the end goal is to boost matches by 30% and also to create more “meaningful matches.”

“You’ll be able to learn more about the person that you’re interested in,” Rad told USA TODAY. “You’ll be able to make more informed decisions when you’re ‘swiping.’”

It’s not the first move Tinder’s made to help users get a little more serious. They’ve already rolled out “super likes,” so that matches can indicate that they really, really like each other right off the bat.

For the first time with super like you could almost walk over and say hello and not just give them a wink across the room,” Rad said of the feature. “It is a deeper level of intent.”

Although the changes to the algorithm are yet to be announced, soon Tinder users might be finding that special someone … without sifting through a whole lot of swipes.

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