I messaged dudes on Tinder using only “Hocus Pocus” quotes and the results were… awkward

When HelloGiggles Senior Writer, Rachel Paige, wrote about messaging guys on Tinder using only Lorelai Gilmore quotes, it gave me thoughts. Like any good millennial, I grew up watching Hocus Pocus every Halloween. In fact, it’s my go-to Halloween film because IMHO there are SO MANY GREAT LINES.

You know you agree! From Bette Midler’s AH-MAZING performance of “I Put a Spell on You” to Dani’s (aka Thora Birch’s) on-point snark, Hocus Pocus is filled with all sorts of nostalgic wit!

So, I thought, what would happen if you could only message guys using the fabulous quotes from this beloved Halloween classic? Specifically, how quickly would millennial guys even figure out where the quotes came from?

Some guys were really confused. Bonus points to this dude who sent me a gif of Kobe Bryant saying "WHAT?" Honestly, if I was on the receiving end of this message, that would probably be my response too.

Some figured it out way too quickly. This guy shocked me. He was a *true* Hocus Pocus fan. You could say he did our generation proud.

Some guys couldn't tell anything was out of the ordinary -- which was kind of fun. I used lines that weren't that out there, and this fella figured I was just commiserating about those health conscious Angelenos.

Some found it charming. To be fair, this guy did have something about Hagrid in his bio, but I didn't catch it beforehand. Still, it's pretty great that he just went along with it!

This guy thought I really wanted to start a calming circle -- which begs the question, what is a calming circle?

One guy bought into it one-hundred percent and his responses are epic.

So, what did I learn?

Well, Hocus Pocus quotes are not the most seamless and organic remarks to weave into regular conversations. Still, I was happy that quite a few of my fellow millennials could easily recognize the quotes — and appreciated them!

And I must admit, if I had received a message that said “Bubble, bubble. I’m in trouble” or “I put a spell on you and now you’re mine,” I definitely would’ve hit un-match immediately. But, the guys were game — maybe because they were in the Halloween spirit and/or they just can’t resist the Sanderson sisters’ quippy retorts. Either way, it was tubular!

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